A Few Words About the Newest Location: Black & Brass At the Waterfall

Recently Black & Brass Coffee owner Travis Rivera sat down for a few words regarding the newest Black & Brass location, what’s so special about it, and a hint of plans for the future.

Why did you open the new location?

We needed to expand into a larger space both because of our growing wholesale and roasting operations & to improve customer wait time.

Why did you open it there?

Black & Brass At the Waterfall is a beautiful location.  The waterfalls highlight a gateway to Honesdale and the space has been virtually empty for years.  It is a spot that begs to be a community hub and that’s exactly what we wanted to create.

What’s special about the new shop, as well as the new location?

We wanted to create a work of art out of the building that has long been an eyesore.  We hired Jeff George to create the mural that ties in all sides of the building. Out back, the waterfall is spectacular.  It is essentially the backyard of the business. We added a glass door and transit, as well as a large window in the back so that customers can view the ever changing flow just outside.  We intend to build a three tiered deck near the falls which will further highlight the experience. I’m excited to sip a hot cup with the smell of fresh roasted beans mixing with the tranquility of the falls.

We use two IR12 Diedrich roasters.  The new shop is about 1600 square feet.  Both shops now house their own espresso bar and roastery.  Each location roasts its own beans for serving and thus, the coffee is always roasted onsite.  In addition, there are two teams of roasters and production that are located in both shops, led by our Director of Production and Creative Operations, Jacob Martin.

Personally, I’ve always wanted to highlight a kind of industrial chic.  Black & Brass started in June of 2016 with the brick walls of Main Street and has turned to metal At the Waterfall.  The falls are full of energy, constantly in motion, and the space needed to reflect that. Main Street is cozy and intimate.  Black & Brass At the Waterfall is bright and energetic.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Number three is scheduled for 2020!

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