Coffee and Culture Come to Scenic Waterfall

It’s early morning and you have a jam-packed schedule. You have stressful errands, work, and other curveballs to tackle and you didn’t sleep well last night. How will you start your day? Will you tensely trudge through it, cursing your limited time? Or, if given the chance, will you start your day off with a cup of piping hot coffee next to a cool rushing waterfall?

If you want to take the scenic route in this choose your own adventure story, you’re in luck. Black & Brass Coffee Roasting Company just opened up a second location next to the striking and invigorating Grandview Falls!

Take in the View

When you claim a minute for yourself, especially in a beautiful area, your stress melts away. Take that time. Rejuvenate yourself with some fresh roasted java and enjoy the classic Black & Brass décor you’ve come to know and love or, if you want a closer view of the waterfall, try out one of the two waterfall observation decks coming soon! The steady beat of water on rocks is sure to sweep away any stressful thoughts you have.

We guarantee there’s something for everyone! If you’re a hardworking artist, you can get inspired by the falls and the crisp, autumnal air around you. If you’re a nature lover, you can leisurely stroll near the falls with your coffee in hand. And if you’re an Instagram aficionado, well, let’s just say there’s no shortage of beautiful spots to take pictures.

Enjoy the Culture

If nature’s wonders aren’t enough to wow you, maybe our culture will. Our new brick and mortar is a little different visually from our first location. All four outside walls of our second location are adorned with murals from local artist Jeff George. So, no matter where you stand you will see something spectacular.

On top of that, we will continue to have events like live music at the new location as well as our usual quality coffee and knowledgeable, talented baristas.

Look to the Future

You may be asking yourself, why open a new location? The choice for the new location is twofold. Firstly, we’re expanding! So many people are interested in our fresh roasted coffee that we’re building a new Black & Brass to keep up with demand.

Secondly, our new location aligns with our core values. The coursing water of the falls reminds us of our relentless drive to move forward. To better our coffee, our community, and our earth.

We offer a space where art and culture can grow along with sustainability. That’s why we serve sustainably processed coffee and control every aspect of our bean production, so you can enjoy an awesome product that you can believe in.

Stop on By

Excited? We sure are! Come see our new location for yourself and be a part of our amazing journey. We couldn’t do any of this without you! Thank you all for your overwhelming support and we’ll see you soon.

Photo by Jack Kingston

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