Welcome to Black & Brass

Welcome to our community.

Step through the doorway into an inviting interior with a friendly and knowledgeable barista. Welcome to your mornings of choosing which freshly brewed coffee will fuel your day. Order any number of espresso drinks that are made with precision and care. Pick up a compostable cup if you’re taking it to go or grab a mug and make yourself at home in a comfortable chair or sit outside in the garden. Pair your coffee with one – or two – of the many delicious local pasties to make your day extra sweet.

Welcome to your afternoons of burlap bags opening to reveal raw, green coffee beans from social conscious and environmentally sound farms all over the world. Watch as they are gathered into the roaster. Revel in knowing that the cup you’re drinking was freshly roasted only a short while ago. Dark. Light. Sweet. Nutty. Spicy. Chocolatey. Bold. All these coffee qualities were chosen during the roasting process that you get to witness, right now, happening only a short distance away from where you’re sipping on your coffee. Listen to the subtle cracks of the beans as they heat to their chosen perfection. Smell the delicate aromas of warm sugar and toasted nut differences from each roasted bean. Ask the roaster questions. Ask the barista questions. Try new blends. Try new grinds. Try new roasts. Try beans from different origins. Get an intimate knowledge about the coffee that was made just for you. Take a bag home to enjoy it just how you like every morning.

Welcome to the evenings of celebrating local talent. Works of an artist adorn the walls, while music from a live band fills the café. Attend a poetry open mic, host a comedy event, or RSVP to an event dedicated to the education about coffee. Listen to one of the many vinyl records available or bring your own to spin. Enjoy a BBQ on a sunny day or color, sketch, or write in one of the many journals and sketchbooks left to inspire and entertain others. Play a game with a friend or have a meeting with coworkers. Create positive change and talk about new ways of living in this community. All beginning with the cup of coffee in hand.

Welcome to a cup of coffee whose journey ends with you and what you make of it.

Welcome to Black and Brass Coffee Roasting Company.

Be a part of our community.

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