What is Coffee?  

What is coffee?

A cup of “Joe?”  A ‘pick me up’ gulped down to burn away the cobwebs on the morning commute?  At Black and Brass we believe it’s more. So much more!

Picture a far away land where tropical mists lick the verdant mountains in a primitive embrace while parrots scream out the dawning of a new day on misty hidden hillsides. Imagine in your mind’s eye a sensual, primal beginning of it all where sun, rain, earth and sky all converge in an almost mystical alchemy to produce a magical berry we call coffee.

That is coffee!

Now imagine this berry picked at just the right time and dried in the sun by hand, put in burlap bags and shipped fresh to another distant land, your land, where it is forged in the fires of brick and metal, all black and brass, and roasted to perfection.

Now imagine again this amazing alchemy introduced to water, hot water. And close your eyes.

Slowly, ever so subtly, the heat releases its essence and it curls upward around you giving you a sensual delight unlike anything else, telling you where it came from, its story, giving up its secrets in wisps of decadent aromas.

And then you taste it.


Unashamed decadence!

This is Black and Brass. This is coffee!

Call or email your preferences and we’ll suggest the perfect roast for you. And best of all, take advantage of our new subscription service where we remove the hassle of ordering by sending you your favorite blend once a month.

Black and Brass, this is coffee!

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