At Black and Brass Coffee Roasting Co. we believe a good cup of coffee is about the taste AND the experience. Our process begins with beans grown all over the world that are hand picked and separated to ensure that only the best will enter our roaster. The products are always Earth friendly, compostable, post-consumer recycled, local, or organic. We are as much a part of the world as are our growers.

Every bean is roasted on site during open hours in Honesdale, Pa. We have spent time perfecting the roasting process so that you can count on a cup that fits your taste. The variety from light to dark, single origin and blends, creates a uniqueness and complexity that is full of diverse body and flavor.

Most important is our belief in serving the community. Traditionally, coffee houses were a beacon of conversation, culture, and creativity; a resting place to socialize and communicate ideas. Black and Brass is no different. We offer a wide variety of events including stand-up comedy, improv, music, poetry and prose. We feature local artists, musicians.  Our milk and cream is produced from local farmers. Our pastries are created locally and delivered by foot. We are a part of something larger than ourselves; a community of culture and creativity.

Be a part of our community.

Travis Rivera
CEO / Founder

Coffee is in Travis’ DNA. His family’s roots flow through coffee bean farms. He learned to apply his passion in roasting rather than farming, allowing the flexibility to source the best beans from around the world. Roasting the highest quality coffee has founded his love of giving back to the community.

Jacob Owen Martin
head roaster

Jake is an artist, specializing in illustration and hand lettering. When he isn’t roasting coffee, he is creating worlds as a professional Dungeonmaster for dungeons and dragons.

Rachel Acevedo

Rachel is a teacher holding a bachelors degree in child psychology, and a Masters degree in education. She loves interior design and her two dogs, Sooki and Bandit.