At Black and Brass Coffee Roasting Co. a good cup of coffee takes quality and attention to detail.  It takes passion, tenacity, consistency, and a relentless desire to create the perfect cup; to be the best.

We visit our growers and see first hand how our beans are organically harvested and processed.  Our products are Earth friendly, compostable, post-consumer recycled, local, or organic. Our milk and cream is produced from local farmers, and our pastries are baked locally.

Every bean is roasted on site during open hours.  Have a latte and listen to the sizzle and crack of a fresh roasted batch.  We craft custom and exclusive blends for our clients with varieties ranging from light to dark, sweet to savory, creating a uniqueness and complexity that is full of diverse body and flavor.

It is our honor to serve our community.  It is our daily mission to create a comfortable beacon of conversation, culture, and creativity; a resting place to socialize and cultivate joy.  Black and Brass is an exponentially growing business because of our incessant desire to create value to those we love: our team, our customers.  We are a part of something larger than ourselves; a community of culture and creativity.

Be a part of our community.

Black & Brass – Coffee with Class.

Travis Rivera
CEO / Founder

Travis Rivera founded Black & Brass during the summer of 2016. His dedication to the community has shown itself in various forms, including serving as borough councilman. His passion and business collide with obsessive desire to create a relentless pursuit of serving the tastiest cup of coffee.

Jacob Owen Martin
Director of Production and Creative Operations

In addition to directing wholesale operations, Jake is also a major creative force within Black & Brass. He uses his background in visual and culinary arts to apply a level of care and expertise that helps to direct the creative flow of the company.

Chief Roaster & Equipment Specialist

Nick fell in love with Black & Brass’s core values and became part of the  team after a career as an electrician. When not fine tuning the minute details of each perfectly executed roast, Nick enjoys renovating his home and hiking with his dogs.


Ruby is a proud mother of 3 and a coffee aficionado with over 8 years of barista experience. She is inspired by nature, fueled by caffeine, and is strongly creative. It is these qualities which make her such a great manager of the Black & Brass Main St. location.

Assistant Manager / Apprentice Roaster

Liz is a New York native that enjoys spending her free time with her dogs as well as adventuring outside. In addition to roasting for Black & Brass, she enjoys creating art and is an avid tattoo enthusiast.

Wholesale Liason

Coming Soon


When she’s not frothing milk as a Black & Brass barista, you can find Sierra  wandering through woods barefoot, practicing yoga, or indulging in a good book. She loves being part of everyone’s morning coffee experience by setting an energetic & joyful tone for a prosperous day.


As a Black & Brass barista, Justine loves coffee almost as much as she loves her husband and 3 children. When she isn’t pulling espresso shots, she can be found at home laughing with her family, cuddling her kitties, reading copious amounts of books, and watching documentaries.


Kaitlyn is a barista for Black & Brass and lives in the Catskills with her husband and dog. She is also a visual artist specializing in 19th century historical photographic processes and a musician that performs across the country with her band, OSOG.


Elizabeth was born in Seattle and now calls Black & Brass and NEPA home. She enjoys exploring the beauty of mother nature and when she isn’t handcrafting espresso beverages, she spends time traveling and making memories with her husband and their golden retriever, Walter.


Olivia is a local high school student who loves coffee. When she isn’t making lattes at work or on her personal espresso machine, you can find her relaxing with her loving dogs.


In addition to being a cashier for Black & Brass, Natalie is a photography and makeup junkie. She plans to teach special education, but for now has taken a break away from school for some time to adventure and to enjoy time with her family’s ginger lab, Bill.

Production team

Sephora was born and raised in Honesdale, PA. In addition to being an important member of the Black & Brass production team, she is a lover of the visual arts. In addition, she enjoys reading, drawing, and spoiling her chihuahua, Trudy.


When Cynthia isn’t drinking coffee she enjoys taking her German Shepard mix on hiking trails all over PA!




When not photographing coffee as staff photographer at Black & Brass, Jack is busy honing his skills as a photographer and editor. He spends his leisure time playing games with friends, watching indie films, and taking hikes with his Australian Shepherd Rocky.