At Black and Brass Coffee Roasting Co. a good cup of coffee takes quality and attention to detail.  It takes passion, tenacity, consistency, and a relentless desire to create the perfect cup; to be the best.

We visit our growers and see first hand how our beans are organically harvested and processed.  Our products are Earth friendly, compostable, post-consumer recycled, local, or organic. Our milk and cream is produced from local farmers, and our pastries are baked locally.

Every bean is roasted on site during open hours.  Have a latte and listen to the sizzle and crack of a fresh roasted batch.  We craft custom and exclusive blends for our clients with varieties ranging from light to dark, sweet to savory, creating a uniqueness and complexity that is full of diverse body and flavor.

It is our honor to serve our community.  It is our daily mission to create a comfortable beacon of conversation, culture, and creativity; a resting place to socialize and cultivate joy.  Black and Brass is an exponentially growing business because of our incessant desire to create value to those we love: our team, our customers.  We are a part of something larger than ourselves; a community of culture and creativity.

Be a part of our community.